Check Out an Early Preview Of The Light Novel Adaptation ‘The Magi’s Grandson’

by Sage Ashford

Novelist Tsuyoshi Yoshioka’s series “Kenja no Mago” (Magi’s Grandson) receives an adaptation this spring! Yet another isekai (alternate world) series, Magi’s Grandson starts with a young man being reborn in another world after an accident took his life.  In this world, he is found by the sage Merlin, and raised to become a master of magic.   At age 15, the young boy (now known as Shin) leaves the care of Merlin Wolford to explore the world.  There’s just one problem: Merlin forgot to teach him anything other than combat abilities.  Now he’s enrolling in Alsheid Kingdom’s magic academy, where he’ll find it more of a challenge learning how to interact with people than actually learning magic.
Animated by studio Silver Link, The Magi’s Grandson will air this coming April for the spring anime season.

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