Sonic The Hedgehog Annual To Focus On Sonic’s Friends This Spring

by Olly MacNamee

People may not be loving the newly revealed live action Sonic of the forthcoming movie, but we all still hold a soft spot for the character in his truest form and the one most depicted in comics over the years. Well, IDW have been publishing Sonic comics for nearly a year now and to celebrate they will be publishing a Sonic The Hedgehog Annual focusing on Sonic’s super supporting cast of friends and foes.

Arriving in March 2019, the 48-page annual features the odd couple of Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf in the lead story, teaming up to save a friend in need. Additional stories see Sonic and Tails taking the Tornado out for a spin, Silver and Blaze planting a garden, the Sonic Fan Club holding their first official meeting and Rouge the Bat hunting for treasure!

IDW are inviting three comic book creators to work on Sonic for the very first time: James Kochalka (of Johnny Boo fame), Cavan Scott (Star Wars Adventures), and Jack Lawrence (Transformers: Lost Light). Returning Sonic talents Ian FlynnEvan StanleyCaleb GoellnerJonathan GrayJennifer Hernandez, and Diana Skelly, plus newcomer Gigi Dutrieux. 

Furthermore, Yuji Uekawa of Sonic Team, celebrated as the visionary behind the look of “modern” Sonic The Hedgehog is providing one of the covers (above) for this book. Making the a must for hardcore fans of the character and the game. Here’s what Uekawa had to say about his involvement:

I am really happy to draw IDW’s original characters altogether with Sonic and his friends, as I had never imagined that I would draw these characters as official artwork. As with many IDW Sonic series fans, I personally love Tangle and Whisper, and I am very much looking forward to seeing their further adventures with Sonic, as well as seeing original characters in future issues!

Sonic The Hedgehog Annual will be available March 2019 from IDW.

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