Treasury Of British Comics Gets Funny On Free Comic Book Day 2019

by Richard Bruton

It might still be the tail end of 2018, but The Treasury Of British Comics has already announced its plans for the annual Free Comic Book Day 2019. 

Each year, on the first Saturday in May, comic shops across the world take part in Free Comic Book Day, a celebration of the ninth art, with publishers producing their own, very special comics to be given away on the day. 

Rebellion, publishers of the Treasury Of British Comics, a repository for all of Rebellion’s extensive library of classic British Comics from the last Century, are going to be aiming for the funny bone on free comic book day, with a collection of fabulous funniness, sublime silliness, and all round general goofiness, featuring the return of some of the most famous and fondly remembered funnies in the history of British comics…

Inside The Funny Pages this FCBD, you’ll find a hilarious hodge-podge of some of the freakiest and funniest characters from the long history of weirdness that is Brit comics. 

Amongst the riotous reprint material you’ll find Leo Baxendale‘s cot-based criminal Sweeney Toddler and Grimley Feendish, the rottenest crook in the world! Another giant of Brit comics, Ken Reid, is represented by
Martha’s Monster Make-Up and the boy with all the scrunges, Faceache.

Other guaranteed giggles include the shark who simply can’t keep hold of his gnashers, Gums, the giant ‘nana Kid Kong, both drawn by  Robert Nixon,  the egg-straordinary adventures of Trevor Metcalfe‘s super-zeroes Birdman and Chicken, Deadley Hedley The Vampire Detective stakes out a monster Xmas party by Mark Rogers and Martin Baxendale, the mini-muscles of Steve Bright‘s  Prambo, Mike Lacey‘s X-Ray Specs, RegParlett’s classic poor boy vs rich snob strip, Ivor Lott and Tony Broke, and Gordon Hogg’s prehistoric Glugg!

You’ll have the chance to guffaw and giggle with these greats when FCBD 2019 comes along. Be sure to add The Funny Pages to that list of free books to pick up!

But for now, have a look at some of the art from those classic strips, and look forward to seeing more in The Funny Pages!

Thanks to Lew Stringer’s excellent blog, BLIMEY! for many of the images. Lew’s not only an incredible cartoonist (Brickman, Combat Colin, Derek The Troll, Pedantic Stan) but his blog is one of the best archives of some classic British Comics around.

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