Bachelor Parties And Wedding Bells: Preview Fantastic Four #5 From Marvel

by Olly MacNamee

There aren’t too many new comics out this Wednesday, but there is one I’ll be making the effort to pick up and that’s Fantastic Four #5 by Dan Slott, Aaron Kuder, Mike Allred and Adam Hughes. Billed as a special 650th anniversary issue, it’s also an issue that will see upper ever loving blue-eyed Thing marry long term love, Alicia Masters. Oh, and a look at the new FF HQ too. Check put our preview below.

The wedding that’s been years in the making…Ben and Alicia say “I do!”
No bait. No switch. Not a dream. Not a hoax. And we swear, not a single Skrull around. This is really happening! From the book that brought you the first, best and longest running super hero marriage in comics, we give you…the wedding of Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters! Featuring an untold tale of the courtship of Ben and Alicia. A bachelor party that only Johnny Storm could throw. And a very special ceremony brought to you in the Mighty Marvel Manner.

Fantastic Four #5 is out December 26th from Marvel Comics.

Olly MacNamee

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