5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail (2018) 11: “To The God-Forsaken Land”

by Sage Ashford

The Fairy Tail group goes up against a member of the Spriggan 12, Ajeel the Desert King. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. One thing we can say about this latest group of Fairy Tail villains: Mashima succeeded in making viewers want to see them get punched in the face.  While last episode ended with Mest teleporting Makarov back to the rest of the team, we barely get through the tearful reunion before the group finds itself under attack by Ajeel, the Desert King.  Like Brandish, Ajeel is absurdly powerful, wielding such control over sand that he can reshape his body from sand, and turn solid objects which come in contact with him to sand as well. But like Marin, he’s frustratingly cocky, mocking the team while tanking their attacks and attacking them with sand traps and sand golems so large they feel like they were ripped right out of Shadow of Colossus.

2.  I think with this episode we finally pushed the “almighty Alvarez empire” button one too many times. It was one thing when they kept talking about the immense magic they felt from Brandish, and even when they first talked about how the Alvarez Empire was insane in terms of pure numbers. But this episode is the first time there’s a reason to legitimately fight a member of the “Spriggan 12”, the group assigned to protect Zeref, and the fight never even happens!
Makarov orders them to escape, and despite having an incredible numbers advantage they obey their former guild master and rush off. I get that this group is supposed to be scary, but I’m honestly not convinced.  Especially since after their first escape attempt, Ajeel tries to sink them in quicksand and Natsu just breaks out and punches him in the face. Battle shonen being what it is, when you can land a hit you can generally win the battle. Plus isn’t Natsu a fire bender Flame Dragon Slayer?  Can’t he just transform all the sand into glass?
In any case, after Natsu’s punch, Ajeel creates a giant wave of sand that’s impossible for the group to run from, and instead of finally standing their ground to fight Makarov goes giant and holds his family in a hug so they can’t try to fight back. It’s pretty adorable to see granddad try to protect his kids, but it’s kind of disrespectful he doesn’t believe in them enough to think they can hold their own. They’ve single-handledly wiped out every Dark Guild worth mention on their home continent, even when they weren’t even humans.

3. If we needed any proof the Spriggan 12 aren’t nearly as impressive as people keep claiming they are, it comes when Fairy Tail’s B Squad comes to rescue the group. They arrive in a ship belonging to Blue Pegasus, and Laxus easily obliterates Ajeel’s giant sand wave with a lightning attack.  Mest teleports the entire group onto the ship using the very last of his magic, and they all decide to leave Alakitasia and get away from the Alvarez Empire while they have the chance.  But when Ajeel taunts them about running away, Laxus responds with another lightning bolt that nearly knocks the Desert King out for good, save for a last minute barrier from fellow Spriggan 12 member August.

4. Technology advances quickly in the Fairy Tail universe.  Earlier in the series they showed off the magical equivalent of cell phones. This episode after being told to retreat from Ajeel, Erza’s magic gulping car appears again. We’ve seen it before, though it’s as creepy watching it drink her magic as ever. But when Fairy Tail B arrives, we get to see the latest invention: a ship specially made to allow Dragon Slayers to ride them without getting motion sickness. For a series supposedly trapped in some ambiguous medieval fantasy period, things seem to advance by leaps when Mashima wants them to. Though I guess when you can rely on “It’s magic” you can set up whatever rules you want.

5. As the series enters this final arc, it’s good we’re finally deciding not to keep any more secrets from the rest of the guild. For a group that spends so much time expressing familial love for one another, the infiltration arc really seemed to prioritize parts of the group into members that “matter” and ones who don’t. But after Makarov and the others make it back to Ishgar and Magnolia Village, they finally explain the truth behind Makarov disbanding the guild, and how their true enemy Zeref is actually Emperor Spriggan, meaning there’s no longer any way for them to avoid war with the Alvarez Empire.  With this, all secrets are laid bare…except one.
At the last moment, Makarov decides to reveal the truth behind Mavis, the first leader of Fairy Tail, being alive underneath the base, and the secret of Lumen Histoire. But before he can, Mavis herself appears to explain to the guild her story. Hers, and Zeref’s.
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