Raging At The World With Sukeban Turbo #2

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
The Sukeban Tribe’s drug suppliers ambush the mother of Chloe, the girl the Sukebans beat up last issue. The suppliers intimidate Chloe’s mother into not pursuing charges against the Sukeban Tribe. Meanwhile, Sam tracks down the girl from the party and asks her to get drinks with him. The Sukeban Tribe are selling their “Party Favors” left and right, and they meet up with their supplier for more product. However, their supplier isn’t happy about the attention their assault could have garnered.

Sukeban Turbo #2 cover by Victor Santos
Sukeban Turbo #2 cover by Victor Santos

Sukeban Turbo #2 continues its nihilistic dive into life of Shelby and her gang. We learn more about what motivates them and to whom they answer. We also get more insight into Sam as a character and how naively genuine he can be.
It also answers some questions that may have been made clear in the first issue; I miss things at times. (Spoiler?) Sam is Shelby’s adopted brother, and this is why we are seeing his story in the midst of all of the violence and decadence of the Sukebans.
The Sukebans are horrific people, and that makes them even more compelling. They’re violent drug-pushers with little self-awareness or moral consistency. It all speaks to a feeling of aimlessness and a world with no clear path for these people. Shelby could just live the life of a pampered rich girl, but she preys upon others and sales drugs for money she almost certainly doesn’t need. I shouldn’t want to read about these characters, but I do.
Sukeban Turbo #2 art by Victor Santos and letterer Shawn Lee
Sukeban Turbo #2 art by Victor Santos and letterer Shawn Lee

Victor Santos’ artwork gives this world the grimy and decaying aesthetic it needs. I alluded to this in the review of the first issue, but the art is similar to graffiti and spray paintings. The color palette backs this feeling up, focusing on the drab palette that comes from brick, asphalt, and concrete.
Sukeban Turbo #2 is another compelling issue of violence, directionless fury, and drug dealing. The Sukebans and the characters that surround them are all compelling and awful. I look forward to the next issue and give this one a recommendation. Check it out.
Sukeban Turbo #2 comes to us from writer Sylvain Runberg, artist and cover artist Victor Santos, letterer Shawn Lee, and variant cover artist Claire Roe.

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