You Can Still Immerse Yourself In The Illuminati Ball Tonight In NYC!

by Hannah Means Shannon


Tonight, for one night only as a special New Year’s Eve event in New York City, you can join an immersive theater experience that will draw you into a masquerade with a surrealist and period setting with the Illuminati Ball.
Running from 9PM to 1AM with an open bar, a night of spectacle has been designed by comic creator and immersive theater director Cynthia Von Buhler (whose Speakeasy Dollhouse was an experience not-to-be-missed), and is described as follows:

Indulge in a surreal and unforgettable experience this New Year’s Eve where you’ll be led through an exploration of the myth and mystery of the Illuminati by sirens and sailors, mermaids and sacred cows, barons and baronesses.
Explore your deepest desires with daring aerial, fearless fire, and provocative dance and interactive experiences unfolding continuously throughout three sprawling floors in a massive, stunning monument to wealth and prosperity, Weylin.

The event will feature a number of themed “rooms” to explore, including “The Masking Room” where you will choose your own mask for the evening, “The Domed Oculus Eyes Ballroom”, where you will be initiated into the event’s proceedings, and various “wandering rooms”, including a “Siren Speakeasy”, a “Jeweled Jungle” and more.
A dress code is required of “creative formal attire” to take part, and it’s well worth it to become part of the cast in this decadent experience. The event is not a dinner, though food will be available for purchase, and it is a “wandering” event rather than a seated event, though limited seating is available.

What better way to usher out 2018 and welcome 2019 than a fantasmagoric night out with an immersive theater experience? Von Buhler works wonders in a physical setting as well as on the page, and if you have the wherewithal to go to the Illuminati Ball in New York tonight, you should.
Ticket are ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE and not at the door, and will continue to sell until 8PM EST. Get hopping and take in a mystical New Year’s Eve.

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