A New Persona 5 Is On The Way

by Christine Marie Attardo

Are you a fan of the Persona franchise? If so, good news is coming your way regarding a new game. 

Except…We aren’t quite sure what that news is. The new title from Atlus, Persona 5 R, is about all we can gather from the teaser trailer and it seems like there might be an update or release date in the coming months.

Take a look:

Here’s is Gamespot’s take on the trailer:

Atlus has a history of releasing second, enhanced versions of previous entries in the series, with both Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Golden making tweaks to the original experience and adding in new content. It could be that Persona 5 R follows along the same lines.

I suppose that’s still pretty cool. While the game will most likely release on the PS4, Gamespot also commented on fans wanting a Persona 5 for the Nintendo Switch. I think, based on the character, Joker, joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, that this is a definite possibility. There will be more news to follow in the coming months I’m sure.

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