All Of Blizzard’s Games Are On Sale This Week

by Christine Marie Attardo

Much like other gaming sites, Blizzard Entertainment isn’t missing out on the after Holiday action. Though I will say, this is one of the best gaming sales I’ve ever seen. I am huge fan of all things Blizzard, and I find their game quality to be tip top. With that said, why not try out a new game or grab an expansion for a discounted price?

Have you always wanted to play World of Warcraft? Well, now’s the time:

All editions of Battle for Azeroth are now $20 off. See You Later bundle – Save up to 65% on collectibles that are going into the vault at the end of the Holiday 2018 sale, including three pets, three mounts, and three helms. Welcome new mounts and pets to your stable at a 50% discount (excluding the Whomper Charity Pet or Vulpine Familiar mount) and switch up your style with new helms for just $5 each.

More of a first-person shooter type gamer? Overwatch is on sale too with 50% on the Standard Edition, Legendary Edition, and Digital Upgrade (from Standard Edition). You really can’t beat that, can you?

That’s not all folks! Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PC, Destiny 2: Forsaken on PC, Diablo III , and StarCraft are all also massively on sale!

Don’t miss out on these fantastic sales. Normally, these games can be pretty pricey, so I would definitely recommend grabbing one before the sale ends on January 7th. Head on over to Blizzard News for more information.

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