Amnesiac Assassin For Hire: Meet Eve Stranger From Barnett, Bond And Black Crown

by Olly MacNamee

A last bit of new news from last year was The Hollywood Reporter’s announcement of a new series from Black Crown, entitled Eve Stranger and written by David Barnett (Punks Not Dead) and illustrated by Phillip Bond (Angel and the Ape) and launching in April. Lettering the book will be Aditya Bidikar with colours from Eva de la Cru.

Eve Stranger, the eponymous hero of the 5 issue series, is described as an “amnesiac-for-hire” with a body amped ups with nanobots, giving her an advantage in any fight.

Writer, David Barnett, told THR:

Super-spy. Assassin. International rescue. The jobs nobody else can — or is willing to — take on. Now imagine if you couldn’t even remember that you saved the world last week, and that you have to do it all again today… or you’ll die. Welcome to the world of Eve Stranger.

It’s an intriguing concept and THR even had a couple of unlettered pages of Phillip Bond’s art too. Looks good, guys. And this was supposed to be the year I cut down on the comics I collect. Great start to that resolution. Not.


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