Marvel Action Avengers #1 Is Flashy And Full Of Energy

by Tony Thornley

IDW’s line of all-ages Marvel Superhero titles are still in its infancy, but Marvel Action Avengers #1 may prove the move was the best thing Marvel could have done for that market.

The issue comes from Matthew Manning, Jon Sommariva, Protobunker, and Christa Miesner. It quickly captures the spirit of the Avengers and tells a fun story.

AIM is hard at work, but doing exactly what isn’t very clear. As part of the team tries to figure out what, Iron Man comes under attack by an AIM agent. And that’s very bad news for Tony Stark….

Manning’s story is light and fun. It’s a breezy adventure story that I wouldn’t hesitate to show my boys. However, it does have a little more depth than it would appear on first read, such as the opening scene’s date night and the deep cut villains Thor, Captain America and Captain Marvel face later in the story. It’s still kid oriented, but offers more than most all-ages stories.

Sommariva’s line work is very cartoonish. In a mainstream Marvel book it wouldn’t work, but in this setting it does. It’s flashy and full of energy, with a great sense of movement and flow. In a few panels however, anatomy feels a little off with awkward posing and positioning. Essentially, it’s good, but not perfect.

In the end, it’s not a perfect issue, but it is a great Avengers story to pick up and read with a kid who may not be ready for a story in Marvel’s main Avengers books.

Marvel Action Avengers #1 is available now from IDW Publishing.

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