The Complete Line Of Image’s Cemetery Beach Impact Variants Revealed

by Tony Thornley

In the art world, sometimes one of the best ways to those who influence you is to pay homage to them. For Cemetery Beach, Jason Howard has done exactly that, in a very cool way.

Howard has taken the opportunity to created seven Impact Variants, each paying homage to one of his biggest influences. Now they all have been revealed, with homages to Todd McFarlane (Spider-Man), Mike Mignola(Hellboy), Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira), Bruce Timm(Batman: The Animated Series), Stephen Platt (Prophet), Frank Miller (Sin City), and Dave Johnson (Super Patriot).

Cemetery Beach reunites the acclaimed team of Howard and Warren Ellis in a non-stop sci-fi action story. The series follows a professional pathfinder, his only ally a disaffected young murderess, who breaks out of a torture cell in pursuit of his worst extraction scenario ever: escaping on foot across a sprawling and secret off-world colony established a hundred years ago and filled with generations of lunatics.

Cemetery Beach #1-4 is available now from Image Comics. Check out the rest of the variants below!

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