Black Phoenix: Spy Seal’s Rich Tommaso Launches Creator-Owned Anthology Magazine

by Hannah Means Shannon

Multi-talented comic creator Rich Tommaso has made a stunning announcement that he’ll be moving into magazine format to serialize his several ongoing creator-owned projects and presenting them with the stylized detail you’d expect from an artist of his calibre. The magazine will be called Black Phoenix.

He’s perhaps best known these days for the creation of Spy Seal, which was published by Image Comics, and the same publisher also released She Wolf and his anthology format crime comic, Dark Corridor.

It looks like Tommaso is kicking off 2019 by diving into two dream projects of his—getting to create a large-format magazine for his work, and also embracing sci-fi and western genres in his work for the first time. The magazine will likewise continue the next exciting chapter of Spy Seal.

The platform for the production of the magazine is Patreon, and subscribers can support the production of the project in various tiers of exclusive content. Tommaso’s goal is to supply supporters with inside views of the creation of the comics in strip format and use that monthly support to help fund the production of the comics. The highest level of support includes receiving a print edition of the 42-50 page magazine upon each issue’s completion, but the print edition is not the only goal of running the Patreon. The window onto the creative process is definitely part of the draw.

Tommaso explains:

Welcome to my new comics magazine, BLACK PHOENIX. Here at this Patreon page you will get to see a magazine unfold, cover to cover. It will feature: each volume’s cover, long-running and short-form comics, single page illustrations, fake movie, toy, and beer ads. Contents pages, indicia pages, check lists, articles, interviews, cut-out subscription ads, and of course, a back cover–basically, everything that would normally go into a magazine of this sort.

Here you’ll read installments of ZIPPER DICK FRYER, a strange, sci-fi epic by the talented cartoonist, VALIS. A medieval monster-apocalypse tale called, THE OGRE by the cartoonist known as ELMEER. A hard-boiled, traditional, western drama, GALOOT! by famed cartoonist, RIFIFI. And, the second volume of my spy series, SPY SEAL : FLIGHT OF THE GOLDEN BELLS. Those and many more will be featured here. All-new comics material from the illustrious cartoonists mentioned above, who, incidentally, are all one in the same. Now, an entire issue will take me more than just a month to complete. Every week you can expect to see about 2-4 pages of new material.

For fans of comic art and for the wide variety of genres that make comics great, this is an excellent opportunity to support a gem of a cartoonist and get some very exclusive content.

Check out Rich Tommaso’s Patreon page here and see what level you’d like to support.

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