Dave Bautista Folds Space To Join Dune

by Erik Amaya


Dave Bautista is on his way to another space movie franchise.
Variety reports the actor has signed on for an undisclosed role in Legendary’s attempt at Frank Herbert’s space epic Dune. The film will be directed by Arrival‘s Denis Villeneuve and star Timothee Chalamet as young Paul Atriedes, the ducal heir of planet Caladan who finds himself at the center of a grand design to create a superbeing and determine the future of mankind. He also grows from boy to man in the process and learns the secret of the most valuable substance in the universe: the spice melange. Rebecca Ferguson will also appear as Lady Jessica, a member of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood who gave birth to Paul in defiance of their selective breeding program.
Dune is impossibly vast, with a literal universe worth of story provided someone can crack its unfilmable nature.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bautista will play the Beast Rabban, the sadistic and boorish nephew of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen; the story’s primary antagonist. The character was played by Paul Smith in the 1984 David Lynch version and by actor László Kish in the Sci-Fi Channel miniseries.
The film will reunite Bautista with Villenueve, who directed the actor in the opening scene of Blade Runner 2049. It is still not currently scheduled for release.

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