Sony Begins Work On Venom Sequel; Screenwriter Kelly Marcel Returns

by Erik Amaya


Sony is making the initial moves to produce a Venom sequel.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kelly Marcel, who was part of the first film’s writing team, will return to pen the initial draft of the sequel. While still unconfirmed, director Ruben Fleischer is expected to return. The plot is, of course, under wraps, but many expect the character and actor featured in the first film’s stinger scene to be major elements in the sequel. Stars Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams are also expected to return.
The film finally made good on the studio’s attempts to build a Spider-Man cinematic universe — the very thing which many assume sank The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — with a box office success to the tune of $855 million worldwide. Sure, the movie is quite goofy, but it is a lot of charming fun once it gets going.
Which, hopefully, will be something Marcel keeps in mind as she gets to work. Despite the initial attempt to create a hard R rated film, its dopier PG-13 friendly elements made it far more interesting and entertaining film that it has any right to be. It is something the sequel should consider amplifying, particularly as Sony plans to expand to films based around characters like Black Cat, Silver Sable and Morbius the Living Vampire. All of those projects need their own tones and, surprisingly, Venom lends itself to a lighter heart and romantic comedy trappings.
The Venom sequel is not yet scheduled for release.

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