Stoner Sci-Fi Burnouts Collected By Image This February

by Olly MacNamee

In Netflix’s Birdbox, anyone who lays eyes on the demonic forces we don’t even get to see as the viewing public succumb to their greatest fears. Well, in last year’s stoner sci-fi series, Burnouts, you had to be high to see the aliens in this fun Image series from writer Dennis Culver (E is for ExtinctionBlack Panther: The Illustrated History of a King) and illustrator Geoffo (layout artist for Ironheart and Marvel Rising).

If you missed out first time around, you can pick up the collected trade this February 20th with bookstores having copies come February 26th.

Here’s the lowdown on this book and a little peak inside too:

To save their friends and families, a group of teenagers must fight off an attack on their town by a secret alien invasion…but they can only see the aliens when they’re high. The Burnouts are saving the world one puff at a time!  

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