Upon The Subject Of Crows: Take A Look At Euthanauts #5 From Black Crown

by Olly MacNamee

This Wednesday, the 9th of January sees the first story arc and series of Euthanauts come to a conclusion with the publication of issue #5. Written by Tini Howard, illustrated by Nick Robles, with colours by Eva De La Cruz and lettering by Marley Zarcone. Are you ready to take one last trip to the DeathSpace on last time, for now?
Check out our preview below in which our hero, Thalia, ponders upon the subject of crows and their association with death.

Thalia has learned that you don’t get to the afterlife without breaking a few eggs and planting a few seeds. In this issue—people die. Some of them stay quiet about it. When the ego is destroyed, what remains? Find out in the final issue of our first arc, Ground Control.

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