War Is Hell (And So Is Love) In Wonder Woman #61

by Tony Thornley

The last few issues of Wonder Woman seem determined to rebuild the Greek pantheon after their destruction over the past few years. Interestingly G Willow Wilson chose to start with two gods that seem like the perfect choices for their contrasting qualities, but here she shows they’re not that different.

Wilson is joined this issue by a new artist, Xermanico, with Romulo Farjado Jr. continuing with his excellent color work and Pat Brousseau on letters. It all comes together in the first issue of this run that has really clicked.

Steve Trevor confronts Aphrodite, convincing her to step in to end the war that surrounds them. This leads them to Diana, where the trio team up to bring peace to the war-torn country around them. However, Ares may have something to say about that…

Wilson’s work continues to be great here. She balances superheroic action with philosophical musings–this time from Aphrodite and the evils of love. The opening pages with Steve convincing Aphrodite that love is still good, important, and needed really landed well, and really drew me into this version of Steve. That’s also important in the series, allowing more characters than Diana to be an inspiration.

Xermanico’s line art makes this issue sing. His style matches the DC house style, but it’s more angular and slightly blocky, invoking artists like Andy Kubert and Lee Weeks. He has a great eye for action. The march through the ruined city feels like a big budget action set piece, not unlike a couple similar scenes in the Wonder Woman movie. He’s also able to make the talky scenes just as interesting though, which this issue needs.

Up to this point, I’d been enjoying this run, but was a little on the fence whether to keep up with it monthly. However after this issue, I’m brought in.

Wonder Woman #61 is available now from DC Comics.

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