Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down #3 Is All Ages Comics Done Right

by Tony Thornley

From time to time, I like to take a look at a random issue of a series or a miniseries to see if its worth picking up. There’s one criteria that I always use to judge those random mid-story issues on–does it remember that every issue is someone’s first?

IDW’s Star Wars Adventures has generally done a good job of that, but Destroyer Down sort of broke the mold of that series to tell a serialized story across all three issues. This issue was the first I checked out of the mini, and I have to say I’m impressed.

The issue was written by Scott Beatty, with art on the lead story by Derek Charm, and on the second by Jon Sommariva, Sean Parsons, and Matt Herms, with letters throughout by Tom B. Long.

In the first story, Rey has to fight off a determined security droid in the remains of a destroyed ship on Jakku. In the second story, we see a determined Rebel cause the crash.

First of all, even though both of these stories are the respective third parts of their stories, they each feel like a complete story. They catch the readers up quickly, and without much (if any) exposition, and come to a satisfying conclusion. I feel like I could grab this issue, hand it to my kids, and not worry about them feeling like it was incomplete.

In addition, the story was very all ages friendly, not just a kids’ comic. The character dialogue was slightly simplified but generally speaking I enjoyed it, instead of dismissing it as a kids book.

Both art teams do a great job. They’re both very cartoony, but nothing falls too far off model, or strays too far away from a bit of realism the story needs. Charm’s take on Rey is probably the best part of the issue, as he infuses her with a youthful energy, but doesn’t take away from the weariness she displayed in The Force Awakens.

This issue offers a lot to Star Wars fans, and it was definitely enough to get me to check out the rest of the series.

Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down #3 is available now from IDW Publishing.

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