Hilda To Return To Netflix in 2020

by Erik Amaya


Netflix’s charming comic book adaptation Hilda will return to Netflix in 2020, according to the show’s official Twitter account.
Based on the comic book by Luke Pearson, the series focuses on Hilda (Bella Ramsey), a young girl who lives in a fantastic and seemingly Scandinavian countryside. But when she and her mother move to the city of Trollberg, Hilda must learn to adjust to life among people and at least a few new fantastical creatures. Accompanied by her deerfox Twig, she faces challenges both large and small while growing up in a magical world. And more often than not, she does it with an infectious positivity.
As Netflix does not release viewership data, it is difficult to say how big the show’s audience may actually be, but those who discovered it fell in love instantly and the program has a devoted following on social media. And if you haven’t given it a try, now is a good time. It has a ton of imagination, it is wonderfully animated, and it feels familiar while also feeling fresh.
Hilda‘s first season is available on Netflix now. Season 2 will debut in 2020.

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