X-23 #8 Puts The Kinney Sisters At Odds

by Tony Thornley

Ever since the relaunch of this series, the overarching theme of X-23 has been family. Though in past issues, that has meant loyalty, bonding and trust, X-23 #8 goes down a different path.

X-23 #8 Cover by Ashley Witter

Mariko Tamaki, Diego Olortegui, Walden Wong, Chris O’Halloran, and Cory Petit bring us a great issue that continues the theme of the series as a whole, but in a much more interesting way than we’d expect.

Laura and Gabby fight through the invaders trying to steal back Assassin X, while disagreeing about exactly who and what the cyborg is to them. They return to the mansion with Beast to figure it out, and remain at odds. However behind the scenes, we see that the cyborg may be much more dangerous than they expect.

I’ve talked over and over about how Tamaki’s story has been about family. Previously that meant about the bond between sisters. In this issue, it’s about disagreement and how the bonds of family don’t mean that you always have to be on the same page. Even though they fundamentally disagree, Laura and Gabby still have a mutual respect and love.

This also is a great action story, and that’s both a credit to Tamaki’s story and the art. Olortegui, Wong, and O’Halloran are able to convey a great sense a motion, not just through the figures but through the panel layouts, page compositions and the way light moves in those spaces. The opening fight is exciting, and it’s a very fun read.

I’m really invested in where this story goes, how it affects the sisters. It’s a testament to how solid of a series this is, and I can’t wait for each issue each month.

X-23 #8 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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