Fear The Berserkers In God Of War #3

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Kratos has found an old mystic woman in her hunt for the bear-men that discovered his home. Kratos intends to kill them before they can return to harm Atreus or Faye. The old mystic woman knows who Kratos is, and she tells him who the bear-men are. They’re berserkers, and they worship a bear god. She tells Kratos where to find them as well as the idol he must destroy to halt their transformation. Kratos takes leave, but he tells Atreus to stay, lest the boy get hurt. The old woman warns Kratos that he must control his own rage, or he will never be able to defeat the berserkers.

God of War #3 cover by E.M. Gist
God of War #3 cover by E.M. Gist

God of War #3 primarily consists of this meeting with the mystic woman and the journey to the berserkers’ longhouse.
The theme of Kratos taming his boundless rage continues, and the berserkers serve as a sort of symbol for an unchecked Kratos. They are animalistic, dumb, and live in a pack rather than a family unit. They are also on the edge of oblivion, as they are dying out.
The old mystic woman is of that variety that likes to screw with the hero while still being genuinely helpful. That’s my favorite kind of old mystic woman.
God of War #3 art by Tony Parker, Dan Jackson, and letterer Comicraft's John Roshell
God of War #3 art by Tony Parker, Dan Jackson, and letterer Comicraft’s John Roshell

The journey to the longhouse displays the scenery as shown by Kratos climbing through the rocky wilderness of Midgard. This is where artist Tony Parker gets to especially shine. The world of Midgard looks gorgeous under Parker’s pen, and Kratos looks as menacing as ever. His beard looks like a black void that surrounds his mouth, and that’s a nice bit of stylism. Some of the panels are reminiscent of the art of Frank Miller himself. Dan Jackson’s color work impresses too, giving a pale and frigid palette to the Midgard environment.
God of War #3 advances this story of bear-men and gods with a mystic woman’s words and a father’s barely restrained fury. As a prequel to 2018’s God of War, it is thematically similar, and, as its own story, it’s straightforward and entertaining. If you enjoy watching Kratos battle mythic beasts, then this book is definitely for you. Feel free to check it out.
God of War #3 comes to us from writer Chris Roberson, artist Tony Parker, color artist Dan Jackson, letterer John Roshell of Comicraft, and cover artist E.M. Gist.

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