Sons Of Chaos: An Epic Retelling Of The War That Forged The Modern World From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

Sons of Chaos is an original graphic novel years in the making, according to its writer Chris Jaymes. It’s a lavish 13.5” by 10.5” hardback out this June from IDW, and tells the story of the Greek War of Independence, which occurred nearly 200 years ago and helped forge the direction Europe would take in the subsequent years when “Marcos Botsaris, a child raised within the dungeons of an Ottoman Pasha, escapes captivity, falls in love, and fiercely leads Greece to bloody revolution,” leading to the shattering of the Ottoman Empire.  Ale Aragon illustrates this fascinating OGN.
Jaymes promises, “It’s epic, it’s vulnerable, it’s vicious… and it brings pivotal events from our recent past to light, exposing the circumstances responsible for shaping our present-day conflicts.”
Justin Eisinger, Editorial Director of Graphic Novels & Collections for IDW Publishing, added:

Sons of Chaos brings the real-life history of the Greek War of Independence to the comics page in a thrilling, ‘sword and shooter’ epic that marries Mediterranean history with the sensibilities of Game of Thrones. Like me, many readers will find themselves considering this 19th Century war for the first time!

It’s certainly an interesting time in contemporary Western history and one that I could very well pick up, being someone who over the past few years has found himself picking up more and more history books than anything else. Frank Miller’s 300 meets Game of Thrones, I reckon.

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