Brainiac 5 Tries To Pitch The Superfriends To Nia In A New Supergirl Teaser

by Erik Amaya

With The CW’s superhero shows returning from hiatus, trailers for the upcoming episodes are starting to appear. In Supergirl‘s extended teaser, life for Kara (Melissa Benoist) gets tough as the DEO’s new boss, Colonel Haley (April Parker Jones), continues her campaign to learn Supergirl’s identity. It puts her at odds with her mission, but Kara always finds a way, even if it seems Haley has learned the truth. Meanwhile, Brainiac 5 (Jesse Rath) has a new idea for Nia (Nicole Maines): become a superhero. There’s even a glimpse of her costume. But perhaps the most important detail in Brainy’s pitch is the name for his cluster of super-powered pals — the Superfriends.

And at this point, it might be helpful to end the notion of the DEO in favor of a Superfriends — or even a Licensed Extra-Governmental Intelligence Operatives Network — to circumvent the anti-alien sentiment infecting the DEO and the nation as whole. As we’ve said before, there’s no going back for Supergirl now that it has made hate the enemy. A completely new organization for the people around Kara may be necessary for that new fight. At the very least, it will freshen up the show.
Supergirl returns Sunday on The CW.

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