Fantastic Four #6 Brings The Pain As Doctor Doom Faces Off With Galactus

by Olly MacNamee

The new series of the Fantastic Four has certainly gained pace and momentum in recent issues with not a moment to breathe for our intrepid heroes, as they lurch from Ben and Alicia’s wedding last issue and into the world-threatening crisis developing in Latveria. One that involves the country’s benevolent dictator and the Devourer of Worlds in a showdown Dan Scott must have been itching to sink his teeth into. And, as this is a Slott-written comic, you know that this was never going to play out quite as one would expect.
Smoke, mirrors and deception are the skills magicians spend a career refining, and given that Doctor Doom’s origins are as much steeped in the magic of his gypsy mother’s heritage as they are in science, it’s no surprise that Victor Von Doom is a master at sleight-of-hand as he is at anything else he turns his attention to. Well, unless Reed Richards is in the same room as him, at least. And, with Reed and company hotfooting it to Latveria to lend a hand – whether Doom wishes it or not – it’s Doom that seems to get the upper hand in this issue, with the advance of playing on home ground.

Along the way we get to meet a new hero of the people, Victorious, and a name that has the ring of egotism about it too. After all, this is Victor on Doom we’re talking about. A man with less humour that your President, but 100% more the charisma. And, we’re talking about a despot here, as well as Doctor Doom!
Thankfully with the return of Aaron Kuder to art duties this book is beginning to settle into itself and offer a more consistent, cohesive read going forward. But, with the stellar art team that has filled the pages in recent months, I ain’t complaining. But I am glad, nonetheless. This is one of Marvel’s flagship books and deserves to have a regular team producing the book. I know we no longer live in an era when creators will stay on a book for too long, but I hope Kuder does sticks round for a while as I loved his artwork on Action Comics before the recent Rebirth soft reboot and I’m elated he’s on this book. Complementing his art, and carefully balancing the uses of purple and green in this issue, are Marte Gracia and Erick Arciniega who only help boost the energy given off by the battling heroes and villains on show in this issue.

Galactus, Doctor Doom, and more in just one issue. And we’ve only just begun. Fantastic Four continues to mix dollops of warmth family focused fun with the kind of widescreen breathless action (Hell, I’m going to go with the team “Imax action” on this one, I think, it’s that bombastic at times) the Fantastic Four are renowned for. Looks like Slott, Kuder and the rest of the gang are making good on their promise to Make The Fantastic Four Great Again! You’ve got my vote, guys.
Fantastic Four #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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