Rob Liefeld Introduces The Mysterious Major X From Marvel This April

by James Ferguson

Love him or hate him, Rob Liefeld knows how to introduce big, bold characters. He did it back in the day with Deadpool and he’s preparing to do it again this April with Major X in a new six-issue mini-series from Marvel Comics.

Just who is Major X? Well, we don’t know just yet. Liefeld told Entertainment Weekly that he comes from another existence called the “X-istence” which is a mutant Shangri-La where mutants can live in peace and harmony. Something terrible happens there which forces Major X to crossover into the Marvel Universe that we know.
C.B. Cebulski, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel says:

I still remember when Rob made his Marvel debut, and the impact his art and storytelling had on comics. The energy and enthusiasm Rob brings to comics and every page he draws is still felt to this day, and it’s a joy to have him return to his roots with the X-Men. Rob may have started developing these X-ideas 30 years ago, but his story will leave an indelible mark on our modern mutants!

Major X kicks off in April with two issues. Liefeld is writing both and illustrating the first. Brent Peebles is on board to draw the second. Liefeld will also be providing covers for the series.

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