The Black Barn’s Dark History Revealed In Gideon Falls #10

by Brendan M. Allen

“Original Sins,” Part Four. The past finally catches up to the present when Doc gives Father Fred a rather gruesome history of Gideon Falls. And if finding a needle in a haystack is impossible, what chance does Norton have of finding one in a giant garbage dump?

Things are finally ready to pop off in Gideon Falls #10. Dr. Xu and Norton, having fled the psych hospital basement, are reassembling the Black Barn door, which Norton is convinced is the answer to the whole mystery. Father Fred, on his end, is learning more about Gideon Falls’ sordid past. This is it. The turn. Everything’s about to come together, but not in the way you expected. Like, at all.

Jeff Lemire is spinning a masterful tale with Gideon Falls. There has been just enough meat in each chapter to advance the story without giving away the punchline. It’s been absolutely maddening, in all the right ways. There are at least three timelines now, with Norton potentially existing in all three. 

As crazy as the art has been throughout, it seems like Andrea Sorrentino is really hitting his stride with chapter 10. Father Fred’s and Norton’s timelines have clearly been connected this whole time, but it’s never been more obvious until now. There are sequences in this installment that blur the lines separating the dual narrative to the point where they’re almost nonexistent, and then they disappear altogether.

It’s been a steady, intense build, and the payoff is right around the corner. Gideon Falls, by design, is deeply unsettling and keeps the reader slightly off balance. All the layers, the visions and voices, and dual (triumvirate?) timelines are finally about to converge. This whole thing is somehow connected, and we’re aggravatingly close to learning how.

Gideon Falls #10, Image Comics, released 16 January 2019. Created by Jeff Lemire (script) and Andrea Sorrentino (art), colors by Dave Stewart, letters/design by Steve Wands, variant cover by Christian Ward.

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