Check Out The Trailer For DONTNOD’s Second Episode Of ‘Life Is Strange 2’

by Sage Ashford

The second episode of DONTNOD’s “Life is Strange 2”, the follow up to the original smash hit, has received a trailer, just days before it’s release. The second of five episodes in the series following the first that released in September 2018, the story sees Sean and Daniel seek refuge with their grandparents in Mexico, after the events of the first episode. After finding their grandparents, Daniel tries to figure out how his new powers work and Sean tries to keep him from exposing them both through the use of his abilities, setting up rules for their survival. The two make friends and find a new home with their grandparents, but it seems trouble still isn’t too far from finding them. It certainly looks like DONTNOD has crafted another intense chapter in their ongoing universe.
Life is Strange Episode 2 launches on January 24th for $7.99, with the complete season available for $39.99. The game is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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