‘Cold Blood Samurai’ Mixes Kurosawa With Disney Animals

by James Ferguson

If you’ve ever watched a samurai movie and wondered what it would be like with anthropomorphic animals, wonder no more. Action Lab Entertainment has announced Cold Blood Samurai, a new series debuting in March that draws inspiration from Akira Kurosawa and the talking animals from Disney.
It’s written by Massimo Rosi, illustrated by Ludovica Ceregatti, colored by Renato Stevanato, and lettered by Mattia Gentili.

Writer Massimo Rosi says:

Blood runs wild in feudal Japan, with the violence of the sword of Takeshi Kitano and the purity warrior’s soul that searches for a perfect death, which is difficult when trapped in a war that doesn’t concern him. The greatest living warrior is an anthropomorphic salamander, in a world where samurai frogs have been invaded by the crazy and colonizing lizards.

I’m all for the blending of genres and Rosi has shown a real talent for this in some of his other work, like The Blackening and Morning Star. This sounds like a pretty fun book and the preview pages are gorgeous so I’m definitely looking forward to it.
Cold Blood Samurai #1 is set to debut in March 2019.

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