Image Releases Man-Eaters Into The Open As TPB, Plus Indie Bookstore Day Exclusive

by Olly MacNamee

Remember that all that glitters may not be gold, but in the case of Man-Eaters, it is. Bringing together last year’s critically acclaimed series by Eisner-nominated and New York Times bestselling thriller writer Chelsea Cain, artist Kate Niemczyk, colorist Rachelle Rosenberg, and letterer Joe Caramagna, Image will be releasing the trade paperback of the whole first series on Wednesday February 27th, with an exclusive version available on Independent Bookstore Day on Saturday, April 27.

In Man-Eaters, readers are introduced to a world where a mutation in Toxoplasmosis causes menstruating women to turn into ferocious killer wildcats—easily provoked and extremely dangerous. As panic spreads and paranoia takes root, the fate of the world rides on the shoulders of one 12-year-old girl. Part Cat People, part Naomi Alderman’s The Power, Man-Eaters has an all pro-feline agenda.

With such a success on Cain’s hands, who need Marvel anyway?

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