Lorna Is Discovered When The Gifted Returns In Two Weeks

by Erik Amaya

The Gifted is taking a short break. But when it returns, The Inner Circle discovers the identity of the mole: Lorna Dane (Emma Dumont). But will they have the ability to shut down a member of the Hellfire Club’s royalty? Meanwhile, the Purifiers have found the Morlock tunnels and it seems John (Blair Redford) and Clarice (Jamie Chung) may have to say goodbye forever.

Then again, characters on this show tend to survive gunshots with appalling regularity. Even this week’s episode saw a Morlock recover thanks to a blood transfusion and aid from Caitlin (Amy Acker). At the same time, the world of The Gifted gets smaller and smaller, so maybe a main character is in danger. Nevertheless, things are building to a head and with two episodes left in the season, expect the biggest shocks yet.
The Gifted returns February 5th on Fox.

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