Shadowman #11 Is The End Of The Road…For Now

by Tony Thornley

Jack Boniface has had a long journey in this volume of Shadowman. Now this stage of his war comes to an end. But how?

This issue comes to us from Andy Diggle, Renato Guedes, Eric Battle, Ulises Arreola, and Simon Bowland. The last few issues have built to a war and the team delivers, but not in the way you might expect.

Jack and Alyssa face off with Sandria Darque and her forces. Initially it seems they may have won. However, they may be facing a double cross at home…

Diggle’s story has been all about character growth for Jack. In this issue, he wraps that leaving the Shadowman concept in a completely different place than when he joined it. It’s a great example of what a limited run can do, and how a status quo can be altered without altering the core of the character.

The art team continues to do fantastic work. In the real world, Guedes’ work is gorgeous. He’s able to convey a sense of motion and impact that not a lot of painted artists can.

Battle and Arreola tackle the story in the Deadside, giving the other realm a sheen of grime. They’re able to make it frightening, without pushing it too far from the familiar.

I’m going to miss the series. This had been a favorite each month the past year, and I hope to see this creative team do more in the Valiant Universe soon.

Shadowman #11 is available now from Valiant Comics.

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