The Long Road Ahead In Middlewest #3

by Tony Thornley

There’s a classic trope in American media–the road trip. We’ve seen it in media as varied as Of Mice And Men and National Lampoon’s Vacation. It parallels the quests of knights of old, which Middlewest #3 takes to a new place.

Skottie Young, Jorge Corona, Jean-Francois Beaulieu, & Nate Piekos take us on this trip, showing us more of Middlewest. However, the road isn’t without its challenges.

Abel and the Fox continue on the road, hoping to reach Sparland where they might find answers about what’s happening to Abel. However, they have to try to outsmart a Bridge Troll. Meanwhile, back in Farmington, Abel’s father wakes up, determined to find his son.

Young continues to weave a story while building a world. Middlewest started as a strange version of the American Midwest, but with each issue we see more weird and more fantasy, showing us how rich this world is. But that alone wouldn’t be enough, and he is able to give us interesting characters that we’re drawn to more and more. Dale, Abel’s father, is given a great spotlight here, revealing a potentially sympathetic side to the man we previously only saw as an abusive monster.

Corona’s work continues to shine. He’s drawn some spectacular landscapes, with colors from Beaulieu that turn the establishing shots into works of art. Together they also give us one of the most realistic looking children I’ve seen in comics in a long time, and not just in appearance. Abel has authentic facial expressions, body language and reactions, and it continues to click.

If you haven’t checked this series out, you absolutely need to.

Middlewest #3 is available now from Image Comics.

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