A Whole Writers Room Will Steer Brand-New Star Trek: Year Five From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

We are all familiar with Captain Kirk and his crew’s ‘five year mission’ remit, but what of that fifth and final year and their journey home?

Well, that’s the concept fuelling IDW’s new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Year Five with the help of a number of collaborators. As well as writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, writes such as Brandon EastonJody Houser, and Jim McCann will help develop the stories and tag-team on each different story-arc.

As Lanzing puts it:

We’ll tell an ongoing narrative with a beginning, a game-changing middle, and a definite end… and do so with some of the best writers in comics contributing their unique, diverse voices and ideas.

Along for the ride is interior artist Stephen Thompson and on covers the legendary illustrator Greg Hildebrandt, which is quite the catch, in my opinion.

Here’s Hildebrandt’s comments on his involvement on this new series:

I have been a fan of Star Trek right from the beginning in 1966. I admired the social, moral, and political statements that were obvious in Gene Roddenberry’s plot lines. I feel that the original was and is one of the best shows ever on TV, and clearly the inspiration for all the Space Operas that have followed. It was an honor to paint this cover art of the original cast. Having never painted Trekbefore, it was a kick for me at 80 years old

Star Trek: Year Five #1 will be out this April from IDW.

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