Help Finally Arrives In A Preview Of Next Week’s Gotham

by Erik Amaya

The situation in Gotham‘s No Man’s Land is getting pretty dire. But as this preview of next week’s episode indicates, the help Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has been asking for from the mainland will finally arrive. It’s his old army buddy Eduardo Dorrance (Shane West). He says the plan is to “eliminate all threats” to the GCPD green zone. But we all know Eduardo has other ideas. Meanwhile, Ed (Cory Micheal Smith) has deduced he shot the RPG into Haven, but blames Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) for breaking him. Will this be their final conflict or will Penguin worm his way out of another dead-to-rights situation?

Of course, since both are in the flash-forward, we know they’ll be okay. It’s sort of like knowing Eduardo’s trajectory and that Jeremiah’s (Cameron Monaghan) “death” is far from permanent. But part of the thrill of this season is watching Gotham transform into the Batman status quo. At some point, Ed’s war with himself has to end. Similarly, Penguin’s criminal enterprise has to stabilize. Or, at least, head in that direction once the city is reconnected to the mainland.
But hey! At least Jim and Barbara (Erin Richards) are giving it another go. That’s … one of the most Gotham things Gotham can do at this point.
Gotham airs Thursdays on Fox.

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