Ubisoft Presents ‘Far Cry: New Dawn’ Gameplay And Story Trailers

by Sage Ashford

One of the bigger titles revealed during December’s The Game Awards, Ubisoft is back to give us footage following the game’s story and detailing what it’s gameplay systems will be like in two separate trailers. In the first story, we’re given the basics of what the story of New Dawn is meant to cover. In true Far Cry fashion, more time is spent detailing current villains Mickey and Lou, the leaders of the gang terrorizing surviving settlements everywhere, the Highwaymen.

The second trailer spends more time going into the actual game play for New Dawn, which is where the major changes have been made. While old Hope County survivors have made a reappearance and can be found for Hire, the game has plenty of new characters worth recruiting as well, like a new dog and a giant boar. This time around, the game has taken a more RPG-like feel, with characters being recruitable to change how your settlement develops, and weapons being upgradeable to do more damage to enemies. Weapons literally cause damage in hit points, with numbers popping up determining how much damage you’re doing to enemies in combat.
Despite this being a purposeful re-skin of Far Cry 5, Ubisoft has also inserted a wide variety of alternate locales in the game when going on “expeditions”, reaching across the United States to steal resources from the Highwaymen.
For anyone excited by all this new footage, they won’t have long to wait. Far Cry: New Dawn is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 15th.

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