Adrienne’s Adventures Continue In Princeless: Volume 7 This March

by James Ferguson

Princess Adrienne has had a wild journey since freeing herself from a tower and searching for her sisters in Princeless from Action Lab Entertainment. In the upcoming seventh volume of the series, entitled “Find Yourself” Adrienne and her dragon Sparky travel to the Great Southern Desert to look for her sister Alize’s castle.  They get lost along the way and Adrienne ends up alone and in danger, leading to a final confrontation with the Black Knight.

This volume, written by Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by Emily Martin, Ainhoa Aramayo, Christine Hipp, and Brett Gruning, also follows Devin and his friends as they get out of the Black Forest only to find themselves face-to-face with an old enemy who is planning on attacking Asheland.
I’m a big advocate for all-ages comics and Princeless is right up there. It provides a different spin on the idea of princesses to contrast with what we’re used to with decades of Disney movies.

Princeless: Volume 7 clocks in at 160 pages and will retail for $14.99.  It’s due out on March 20th, 2019 at your local comic shop, bookstore, and Amazon.

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