Mark Millar Is This Week’s Guest On Distraction Pieces Podcast

by Olly MacNamee

Over here in pre-Brexit pre-Apocalypse Britain I regularly listen to the Distraction Pieces podcast hosted by spoken-word poet, DJ, writer and all round Renaissance man, Scroobius Pip. He’s had some amazing guest that other interviewers will kill for. And while he interview a diverse set of guests such as actor Tom Hardy, Prodigy front-man, Liam Howlett and Blakkklansman director Spike Lee, his conversations with comic book folk have included the likes of Alan Moore, Kieron Gillen and Warren Ellis.

This week, Mr Pip drove all the way to Scotland to sit down and have a chat with Netflix wunderkind, Mark Millar. In the hour or so podcast, Millar talks about his Netflix deal and how he took a week off immediately after the deal (a rarity for Millar, we learn), his relentless work ethic (afraid if he stops, even for a minute, that he’ll miss opportunities), his working class roots – something he noticed when Scroobius Pip reeled off a list of exported UK talent, and many came from such backgrounds – and of course his profuse comic book writing, working with DC Comics, Marvel and his own Millarworld. Its a fascinating listen, and I couldn’t help but get drawn in to this friendly, open conversation. Pip, being a fellow comic book reader, certainly knows his subject matter’s work and it shows. 

Like other Distraction Pieces podcasts, it’s a warm, conversational, genial chat and covers a lot of ground beyond the obvious subjects matter. It’s a show that allows the conversation to grow organically in places rather than stick to set its of questions.

For instance, without any prompt, Mark speaks warmly of his first ever meeting with Alan Moore when Millar was 13. Swamp Thing had just come out but the young Millar couldn’t afford the comic and the bus home. But, Moore was happy to not only buy it for the young lad, but signed it too. Still Millar’s most treasured comic book to this day. This is but one of the shared anecdotes you may not have heard before anywhere else.

It’s worth checking out, and is available now for free here. Maybe check out the back catalogue of Distraction Pieces Podcast while you’re there too. It’s a real eclectic collection.

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