Dreamer Comics Podcast: Talking With AfterShock’s Mike Marts

by Hannah Means Shannon

We’ve been spotlighting the Dreamer Comics Podcast, hosted by Omar Spahi, on Comicon.com lately, and it’s an enterprise that takes several formats. You can experience it in full audio, short audio clips, full video on Youtube, or short video clips, also on Youtube. It’s built for customization in that way, depending on your preferred delivery method for insights into the craft of making comics from industry professionals.

In this video episode of The Dreamer Comics Podcast, Omar talks to AfterShock Comics’ Mike Marts and explores the way in which being a “comics coach” can help take creators to the next level.

DCP says:

Mike Marts is the Comics Coach. Mike Marts has edited comics for Marvel and DC Comics and now he’s the Publisher for Aftershock Comics. Mike Marts can edit your comics too. If you want to pursue comics in a real way. Working with the Comics Coach can take you to the next level.

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