Fall Of Go-Go Space Baby & Rise Of Goat In Kaijumax Season 4 #4

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Go-Go Space Baby just had to give up her baby to a family outside Kaijumax. She’s hurting and reeling from it, and she now knows that Zhang killed Zonn. Space Baby won’t let this go without punishment. Meanwhile, Gogla is having trouble with her boyfriend on the outside and him refilling her commissary on time. Goat has converted one of the Queen’s followers, Eha, with her Milk of the Universe, and she may just challenge the Queen herself.

Kaijumax Season 4 #4 cover by Zander Cannon
Kaijumax Season 4 #4 cover by Zander Cannon

Kaijumax Season 4 #4 continues to ramp up the drama inside the monster prison.
The opening scene of Go-Go Space Baby giving up her child to a family she barely knows and even hear that they’re giving him a new name (Space Baby wanted Space-Zonn, the new parents are naming him Zyna-Seven) is genuinely heartbreaking. Even when Space Baby moves on to plan the death of Zhang, you can’t help but feel her pain.
The plotline with Goat and the Queen is bizarre and kind of wonderful. Even if Goat is essentially starting a drug cult, you can’t help but revel in the arrogant Queen’s likely downfall.
The subplot with Gogla is probably a little weaker than the other two, but it’s still a well-written and sympathetic tale. Golga has been exploited and all-but forgotten by her boyfriend, and it’s ruining her life on the inside.
Kaijumax Season 4 #4 art by Zander Cannon and Jason Fischer
Kaijumax Season 4 #4 art by Zander Cannon and Jason Fischer

As always, Zander Cannon’s artwork is that right mixture of cartoonish and brutal to make this strange creation gel. I adore the monster designs, and the colors (with assists by Jason Fischer) are vibrant and beautiful. My only complaint in regards to the art is a fight scene that occurs towards the end of the comic. It’s hard to parse out what is happening, and the ending is a little confused as a result.
Kaijumax Season 4 #4 is another compelling and effective issue of the monster prison series. The struggles are relatable and emotional, the characters are interesting, and the artwork is fantastic. This one gets another recommendation. Give it a read.
Kaijumax Season 4 #4 comes to us from writer, artist, letterer, and cover artist Zander Cannon with color assists by Jason Fischer.

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