Classic Brit Characters Return In An All-New Cor! & Buster Special!

by Richard Bruton

Big news from Rebellion – the first new material featuring some of the best-loved humour strips of British Comics! This April, new and old readers alike will have a laugh with the all-new Cor! & Buster Special!

A while back, we brought you the news that Rebellion & The Treasury Of British Comics will be releasing a special Free Comic Book Day comic, The Funny Pages, collecting together some of the best of the classic humour comics from the likes of Ken Reid, Leo Baxendale, Robert Nixon, Reg Parlett and more.

But before then, this April, you’ll have the chance to see some of the best of these classic characters in all-new material in the Cor! & Buster Special. It’s promising to be something to deliver laughs to those who knew the characters the first time round and a whole new generation of younger readers.

The Cor! and Buster Special features a cover by Neil Googe with the classic characters from Cor!, Buster, and other great Brit comics of yesteryear invading Trafalgar Square, including Buster, Faceache, Frankie Stein, Ivor Lott and Tony Broke, Gums, and X-Ray Specs.

Over the last few years, Rebellion have acquired a huge number of titles from the long history of British comics and have been producing some excellent reprints through their Treasury Of British Comics arm. But, alongside this, there have also been moves to bring readers all-new material featuring these classic characters. 2018 saw Rebellion publish The Vigilant special, feature some of the classic, and very uniquely, weirdly, British, superheroes. But, with The Cor! & Buster Special, we finally get to see some of the greatest funny comic characters in all-new tales.

So, expect to see some classics given new life, including the world’s naughtiest baby, Sweeny Toddler and Gums, the most incompetent shark in the seven seas. The complete creative line-up hasn’t been revealed yet, but the special will definitely include funny features from Neil Googe, Ned Hartley, Cavan Scott, Abigail Bulmer, and Tanya Roberts. More names coming soon, but we’re promised the Cor! & Buster Special will feature a wide range of styles befitting the classic looks of the old strips given a modern twist for new readers.

The Rebellion press release also included this quote from Keith Richardson, editor on the Cor! & Buster Special:

Humour titles like Cor! and Buster were a massive part of many a childhood but have been sadly missing from the newsstand for years – the time is ripe to bring these amazing characters back for a new generation. Just at a time when many kids will be on their Easter break, this special will introduce them to some of our favourite classic characters, but all with a modern twist. For us, it’s time to put the comical back into comics!

Also part of the Cor/Buster Special is the great Lew Stringer, who revealed a small piece of his artwork from the three-page intro strip for the special, written by John Freeman, that features all the classic characters from the Special.

As Stringer says,

It was a pleasure to draw so many characters that I’d read in my childhood such as Bad Penny, Sid’s Snake, Frankie Stein, and many more. 

The Cor! & Buster Special is released on the 17th of April from Rebellion.

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