A Disturbing Utopia Revealed In Age Of X-Man Alpha

by Tony Thornley

The X-Men have been been through so much the last few months and they definitely deserve something good, right? Well, the Age of X-Man appears to be a utopia, but as is often the case, things are not always what they seem.

Cover by Phil Noto

Age of X-Man Alpha comes to us from Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nalder, Ramon Rosanas, Triona Farrell, and Clayton Cowles. This one-shot kicks off the Age of X-Man event which will be running through July.

[*Mild spoilers ahead!]

We join the X-Men as they discover a young mutant girl whose powers have disrupted the idyllic world around them. However, things definitely are not as they seem, as the Utopia has a terrifying undercurrent akin to fascism. This most horribly manifests when Lucas Bishop is caught in a forbidden relationship with Jean Grey. Seeing that it’s his third offense, he’s apparently erased from reality in punishment…

Often these event launch comics are one of two things–a single story that only sells one part of the event, or a jumbled anthology that hits all the events to come. Thompson and Nalder are able to keep a steady through line from cover to cover though, hitting each of the different aspects of the Age of X-Man. They also tell an emotional story, as Bishop’s punishment is both horrifying and relatable.

Rosanas and Farrell do some great work here. Rosanas’ line art is thick, with sturdy characters and great design work. Moneta, the newest character in these pages, stands out as a frightening and disturbing design. Farrell uses whites, pastels and earth tones to create a dreamlike quality to the world we meet here.

With this strong debut, I’m excited for the event to come.

Age of X-Man Alpha is available now from Marvel Comics.

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