Netflix’s Locke & Key Finds Its New Demon

by Erik Amaya


Laysla De Oliveira will soon inhabit the well near the Locke house on Netflix’s adaptation of Locke & Key.
Based on the comic book by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, the series will follow the Lockes after they move into the Massachusetts home of the recently deceased family patriarch. There, youngest child Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) discovers certain rooms in the house will give him special abilities if he unlocks them with special keys.
Deadline reports De Oliveira will play Dodge, the demon in the well near the family home who torments the Lockes while trying to obtain the power of the keys. The site also reports Kevin Alves will also appear as Tyler Bode’s (Connor Jessup) new friend Javi.
Earlier in the week, word emerged that Darby Stanchfield will play Nina Locke, the family matriarch. Played by Frances O’Connor in the pilot made last year for Hulu, Netflix decided to replace all of the actors playing the Lockes except for Scott. The cast also includes Emilia Jones as Locke sister Kinsey, Griffin Gluck as her new friend Gabe and Steven Williams as a teacher at the Locke’s new school.
Locke & Key is not yet scheduled for release.

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