The Fire Rises When Gotham Returns In Two Weeks

by Erik Amaya

At roughly the half-way point of its final season, Gotham is taking a brief pause. But when it returns, Eduardo Dorrance (Shane West) reveals his intentions to the whole city. He will be a bane to anyone who opposes him, but Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) will try nonetheless. And as this preview of the next Gotham indicates, it will lead to a fire fight.

And considering the series shorter final season, Dorrance’s quick heal turn makes a lot of sense. But it seems Bane’s status as a lackey in live action (Batman & Robin, The Dark Knight Rises) once again overrides his comic book reputation as a keen intellect. This time, he works for Theresa Walker (Jaime Murray), the government official Jim talks to on the mainland. It seems she has a plan of her own for Gotham; which leaves me wondering if she’s some sort of Gotham-style remix of Amanda Waller.
Presumably, we will learn more about her plan when Gotham returns February 14th on Fox.

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