Pavan Lakhat Wins The Madden 2019 Club Championship

by Gary Catig

The Super Bowl may have been a clunker, but at least there was one exciting football game this weekend. For those who like real sports oriented eSports, the Madden Club Championship was up for grabs. The competition began with 32 competitors, with each representing one NFL team. It was a single elimination tournament with the winner receiving a belt and $100,000. In the final round, Pavan “Pavan” Lakhat took on Ryan “ibestrafing” Danczak. The pressure mounted for both as it was the first time either made it to a championship.

In the first half, Pavan set the tone early on the defensive side. On his opponent’s first drive he caused a tackle for a loss, a throwaway and a sack. He continued his suffocating defense forcing two turnovers, an interception and a fumble. Ibestrafing only managed to score three points in the first two quarters. On the other end of the ball, Pavan was as effective scoring two touchdowns through the air and kicking a 44-yard field goal to end the half. Going into the break, ibestrafing was facing a huge deficit, 3 – 17.

Pavan continued his dominance in the second half. On his first possession while facing a 4th and 1 in his own territory, he threw a soul crushing 84-yard touchdown pass to push his lead to 21. He followed that up with a 27-yard touchdown pass after a turnover on downs. Sure, his opponent put more points on the scoreboard, but Pavan never really felt threatened since his smallest lead throughout was by two touchdowns. He put the final nail in the coffin with a 5-yard run with 1:57 to go. The final score was 38 – 24, Pavan.

With his victory, Pavan won the second title in the Madden Championship Series and earned slot in the final event, the Madden Bowl, along with the other semifinalists. It was a great and entertaining match and now it’s off to the third leg of the series, the Madden Challenge, in March.

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