The Flash #63 Brings The Force Quest To A Tragic End

by Tony Thornley

After a storyline full of ups and downs, The Flash #63 wraps up the Force Quest. It includes a climactic showdown, a stunning revelation and a heartbreaking end.

Cover by Rafa Sandoval

Joshua Williamson is joined in this final chapter by Minkyu Jung, Hi-Fi and Steve Wands. It wraps up the Force Quest while setting up several new storylines.

[**Mild spoilers ahead!]

Barry and Psyche face off against Gemini, who is able to become even more powerful as they drain the force users. Thanks to Iris, they gain the upper hand, but Psyche lashes out at the male half of Gemini, killing him. What follows is a stunning series of revelations, both about the different forces, and about Barry’s personal life.

Williamson does two great things here. First of all, he tells a sharp superheroic action story, with the fight between the Flash and Gemini wrapping the story thematically as well. It also serves as a great piece of world and mythology building. He avoids the traps of going too exposition heavy, and sells the emotion of the revelations in its pages.

I’m a bit torn on the art. Jung’s line work is good, but after following Rafa Sandoval and Christian Duce, it’s not a strong showing. They have a great sense of motion, especially with Barry himself, but it’s a lot looser. They do a fantastic job with facial expressions though, really selling what Barry is going through.

I’ve really enjoyed this arc as a whole, and really look forward to what this story means for the future of the Flash.

The Flash #63 is available now from DC Comics.

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