Duluth Returns Home Followed By Lots Of Death In The Resurrected #4

by James Ferguson

Detective Cain Duluth heads back to where it all started in his quest to stop the Drexler Nanotech Corporation and hold them accountable for their heinous actions. Duluth has a chance to explore his Aboriginal-Australian roots as he makes his way through the desert, accompanied by his estranged daughter Yindi and the mysterious warrior, Pem.

The Resurrected really hits its stride with issue #4 as the fight is taken directly to Drexler and the characters return to Australia. While it was made very clear that Duluth is an Aboriginal, that didn’t really play into the story much until now. This is something that’s a key part of who he is so I’m glad to see it explored further.
More importantly, we get a look at what really happened on that fateful day where Duluth’s life changed forever. This has been a big mystery up until this point and it changes the dynamic between a number of the characters.

There’s a death in this issue that is supposed to be rather impactful but didn’t quite pack a punch. I get where writer Christian Carnouche was going with it, however we’re not all that invested with this character. This was meant to escalate the danger and add some more tension to the story. Instead, it feels more like a throwaway scene.
This is unfortunate as it’s one of the best illustrated scenes in the book. Artist Crizam Zamora excels at double page spreads full of differently shaped panels. It’s a great way to check out all the action at once in a frenetic nature. There’s a lot to take in and it stops just short of being overwhelming. This adds to the tense nature of some of the more action-heavy sequences.

Duluth’s journey takes him through the desert under a hot sun. Colorist Salvatore Aiala makes you feel that intense heat to the point where you almost have to squint when looking at the page. This contrasts with the peaceful setting of the evening under the cool dark sky full of stars. It’s a wonder to see such a difference in a matter of hours in the same location.
The Resurrected moves quickly, taking Duluth on a harrowing adventure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow us time to get invested in the story. Characters are introduced and killed off pretty quickly so their deaths are meaningless. Sure, they show how ruthless Drexler can be, but we already knew that. This is the penultimate issue of the comic and I feel like there’s quite a lot to cover in its final chapter.
The Resurrected is currently available on ComiXology.

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