Mythological Monsters Go Modern In Wonder Woman #63

by Tony Thornley

Some time ago, the mythological worlds of the DC Universe collapsed. One of the subplots of the latest run of Wonder Woman is exactly what that’s meant for the less god-like residents of those realms. In Wonder Woman #63, we see exactly what that means for three of those beings.

Cover by Xermanico

G. Willow Wilson is joined for this one-off issue by Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, Romulo Fajardo, and Pat Brousseau.

Cadmus the Pegasus, Damon the Satyr and Eirene the Minotaur are trapped in Washington DC, trying to negotiate official asylum in the United States. Diana is doing her best to help them, but cannot be there for everything. However, thanks to a kind mortal and another mythological friend of Diana’s, they may be able to find their way in man’s world…

Wilson’s script is a delight, recalling some of the unusual bits of her Ms. Marvel run. She leans into the weirdness of the situation, but is also able to create a great emotional depth for the characters. I didn’t expect to end up caring about their fate, but now I’m invested.

Lupacchino and McCarthy have done plenty of work on Wonder Woman before, but this issue provides some new challenges. Though Damon has enough human features that he’s able to emote, they have to make Cadmus and Eirene relatable, and convey their emotion. They’re able to do so ably and add so much to these characters. Paired with Fajardo’s always reliable colors, it’s a great looking issue.

After the heavy past few issues, this was a fun and welcome change of pace. I definitely hope to see more like this over the course of this run.

Wonder Woman #63 is available now from DC Comics.

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