Rivedale’s Ashleigh Murray To Head Over To Katy Keene’s New York

by Erik Amaya


Should The CW’s Katy Keene pilot go to series, its Riverdale connections will include a key player from the mothership series.
Deadline reports Riverdale star Ashleigh Murray, who plays Josie McCoy on the series, will transfer from Riverdale to New York City on the proposed spinoff series Katy Keene. The CW recently ordered a pilot based on the Archie Comics character centering on “the origins and struggles of four aspiring artists trying to make it on Broadway, on the runway and in the recording studio.” Murray’s Josie and the uncast Katy comprise two of the four. Described as a musical dramedy, the description also notes Josie will be a “twentysomething” on the program, suggesting it takes place a couple of years into Riverdale‘s future.
Considering Murray has always been one of the least-utilized leads on Riverdale, shipping her off into another show to highlight her talents is a good move for The CW and the producers involved. Maybe they can do the same for Casey Cott and Kevin Keller. Well, presuming he isn’t the third member of Katy Keene‘s core cast.
As the program is merely at a pilot stage, expect Murray and Josie to remain in the Town with Pep for at least another season.

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