Game Of Thrones Harry Lloyd Joins Legion As Charles Xavier

by Erik Amaya


Legion will do one key thing in its final season: introduce Charles Xavier.
The long-missing father of David Haller (Dan Stevens) will finally debut in the program’s third season. According to TVLine, he will be played by Harry Lloyd. The actor, best known in genre circles as Viserys Targaryen in the first season of Game of Thrones, will be the third to play the part in live action after Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy in various X-Men pictures across two decades. The professor has also been voiced on animated series by talents like Cedric Smith and Cam Clarke.
The character’s relationship to David in the comics was established early on and eventually led to the Age of Apocalypse storyline in which David’s ill-advised attempt to end Magneto in the past led to Xavier’s death and a complete change to reality. Considering Legion plays with those ideas, it is possible the series will end with David negating himself.
But there is a more personal story to be told as well. Executive producer Noah Hawley told the site “David is an adopted boy who needs to know who he really is, so we’re definitely going to tell that story.” In addition to learning about his father, he will learn more about his mother Gabrielle (played by Stephanie Corneliussen). It is unclear how quickly David will meet his parents, but Hawley said the audience will become acquainted with them in the third hour of the upcoming season.
Legion returns this June on FX.

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